For more than 100 years, the Christopher House mission has been to strengthen and empower economically disadvantaged children and their families by providing a continuum of educational and human services.  Our integrated web of support services helps build thriving families by equipping them with the tools they need to become self-sufficient and progress in their social, emotional, educational and economic development. 

We operate accredited early learning, elementary, and out of school time programs grounded in research-based curricula and high-quality instruction.  Christopher House values high expectations and an educational program that leverages arts integration, project-based learning, parent involvement, celebration of diversity, and a commitment to measurable results.  These values are the framework of our learning community and extend to students, parents, teachers, and administrators.  These values have resulted in educational services that produce significant returns in student achievement and parental involvement.  Our dynamic and innovative programs lead the field in accountability and achievement by establishing and exceeding rigorous academic, social and emotional outcomes.

In the fall of 2013, Christopher House built on its portfolio of early learning centers and expanded our transformative culture into a birth to eighth grade school composed of an Early Learning and an Elementary Learning House.  The Elementary Learning House is a K-8 charter school.  The school creates unprecedented collaboration between early childhood and elementary educators as well as family support programs.  In addition, it provides foundational exposure during the earliest years of life to our culture of high expectations and academic excellence. 

Responsibilities:  Provide birthing support. Link pregnant participants to the health care system and facilitate their use of medical resources.  Work with other health care and support providers to ensure continuity of care.  Initiate contact with the program participants as early in their pregnancy as possible. Maintain prenatal contact with the pregnant participant starting in the third trimester. Visit pregnant and parenting participants in their homes and other settings. Organize and facilitate pre-natal group. Prepare mothers-to-be for the hospital labor and delivery experience and for their new role as parents. Attend and support the client through labor and delivery and in the initial postpartum period.  Visit the mother and baby at home within the first business day after their hospital release. Maintain postpartum contact for six to twelve weeks as determined; support breast-feeding and infant care.  Provide emotional and logistical support for the new mother.  Make appropriate referrals as client needs require.  Maintain program participant confidentiality. 

Meet all reporting and record keeping requirements in compliance with funding agency standards.  Maintain equipment used in the position’s responsibilities.

Attend Doula trainings and meetings provided by the Ounce of Prevention.  Attend weekly staff meetings and all required trainings and conferences. Remain current with regard to issues related to adolescent parenting, new motherhood, pregnancy, labor, delivery and infant concerns, public policy decisions and availability of local resources.

Qualifications:  Doula training required.  Good communication skills and the ability to provide empathy and comfort through words, touch and action.  Cultural awareness and sensitivity.  Organized with regard to multiple tasks and responsibilities.  Able to schedule own workload and appointments and work independently with integrity.  Preferably at least three to five years of experience in working with adolescents and pregnant teens, infants and the pre- to - post natal experience.  Requires a valid Illinois Driver’s License and insurance, own transportation, and a good driving record.  Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.

Education: High School Diploma, GED or equivalent. 

Submit cover letter & resume to:
Bridget Lally, Associate Director Teen Parenting Services

Christopher House is an Equal Opportunity Employer.